Meredith Goodrich

The Montessori School of Exeter is owned and directed by Meredith Goodrich. Meredith has the prestigious Association Montessori Internationale diploma  under the auspices of Mario Montessori. She has a degree in Elementary Education and a twenty year  graduate mentorship with Dr. Benito Reyes in Consciousness Psychology. She is a classical harpist and teaches music as well. She regularly attends leadership conferences for principals of private schools at Harvard University for education for the 21st Century.

Meredith has designed the school and brought it through four previous locations: The Bixler House on Center Street (1979-1981), the 111 Court Street Farm (1981-1983), the former School Street School (1983-1990) and the historical Fort Rock Farm (1991-2007). The school is now located on garden level of the Exeter United Methodist Church with no religious affiliation.