Who We Are

The Montessori School of Exeter is a privately owned school which offers early childhood education and child care. Its philosophical foundation is the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, carried forth by educators with specialty study in the Montessori Method. The school was established in 1979 by Meredith Goodrich.

Teacher training is through The Association Montessori Internationale, the American Montessori Society, The Montessori Center of North America and university programs in Early childhood, and Elementary Education. The school operates under licensing rules and regulations of the State of NH.

Classrooms are designed as prepared environments in which the child may interact directly. Through constant observations the teachers assess the needs of their children individually and collectively, and tailor the environment to them.┬áIt is through the child’s direct interaction with the classroom that he is encouraged to meet his own needs and feel the inner joy of self empowerment.

The world is our educational environment; it is funneled through the arts and through the sciences at our school. This integrated curriculum is processed by the child through sequence and order as he sorts and classifies the impressions he receives. He learns best by loving and this is the essence of the program.

The Montessori School strives to create a program which minimizes stress in a child’s life and maximizes balance, self-respect and inborn aptitudes. Through cooperative efforts of the school, staff and parents we can give a child a life long gift.